Two days in Tel Aviv

August 12, 2015

After getting back together in Italy, we were invited by friends to visit Israel. Growing up being taught so much about the monotheistic religions born in the region, we jumped at the chance to visit this middle eastern country. We had also heard great reviews about it's artists -apparel, accessories and furniture designers. We decided to cut our Rome trip short and take a flight from Rome to Tel Aviv, where we spend a couple of days meeting designers, shopping and of course, eating. 


Jaffa, Israel
We stayed at the Alma Hotel-- a 5-star chic boutique hotel right at the city center, on the corner of Yavne Street and Rothschild Blvd, with really cute themed rooms and excellent concierge services.


Jaffa Market
We spent our first days exploring the Old City of Jaffa, Tel Aviv. We where anxious to see and experience what the"real old middle-east" had to offer. We walked around without maps, wondering the streets and all the shops along the way. 


Jaffa Street
If you are patient and do not mind getting lost in a sea of thrift items (you will find your way back, promise!), you might find treasures in Jaffa's Flea Market.


Non-stop Working
Working on-the-go anywhere we were able to find WiFi was our excuse to stop, sit and cool off. The September heat and humidity here is serious!


Break from Israel's Heat
There are many cute little cafes in the Old City of Jaffa were you can make that much needed stop after searching for hours through the different flea market shops. 


We made a day out of thrift shopping in Jaffa without planning it. There's is so much to see that it's very easy to have your day fly by-- and it is completely worth it.


Jaffa Jewerly
After our pre-trip research we decided to focus our efforts in Tel Aviv on seeking jewelry designers. These designers did not disappoint-- all we had seen and read was true. Israeli jewelers have very beautiful aesthetics.


Jaffa Flea Market
Street after street... Full of furniture, apparel and accessories. 


Chic Boutique, Jaffa
We found the most beautiful curation of apparel and accessories in this store called: Sharon Brunsher. Modern, minimalistic and simply cool... Bravo! Check them out!


Furniture store in Jaffa
Shtern Gallery - Gorgeous furniture store in Jaffa


Home goods store in Jaffa
Cute home-goods store: 1 Bdrm (one bedroom).


Bloggers in Jaffa
Making our way around Jaffa.


Mid-Century Furniture
Mid-century furniture heaven. Hard to see so many furniture piece I loved. How can I fit a chair in my suitcase? I can't. The only thing I could do was photograph them. One day I'll be back!


Tel Aviv, Israel
We made our way from Jaffa's Flea Market to the beach in a matter of minutes.


Best Hummus
Our second day in the city we went for lunch at Abu Hassan Hummus, after our local friends had highly recommended it. At first, the appearance of the place made me a little uncomfortable. Don’t ask for a menu, there’s none. Don’t ask for a table either because you’ll be able to sit wherever there’s a chair. The place is loud and hectic. In the end, it is completely worth it! I had never been a fan of hummus but this both turned me into a fan and ruined it. "It is the best hummus we've ever tried."--our friends weren't exaggerating when they said that. I would go to Tel Aviv just to eat this again.


A smoothie or juice every couple of hours is non-negotiable. 


Tel Aviv Beach
Tayelet: The beach has a good path to go for a nice walk or jog along the beach while enjoying the sounds and views of the city.


Tel Aviv Sunset
Witnessing the sunset on the beach was one of the most memorable experiences we had in the city. Just beautiful.


Tel Aviv Sunset
We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful ending to our day here in Tel Aviv.


Sunset in Israel
Saying goodbye to Tel Aviv to get ready for Jerusalem.


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