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August 19, 2015


Luxuryia's summer days in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

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Even though the economy in Puerto Rico has been worsening for a couple of decades now, that wasn’t the reason I left. Most people I knew growing up in the island slowly but surely have left or are planning to do so. I think most of them would say, if you’d ask them, that the reason they left or are leaving is to  “pursuit more opportunities— a.k.a. money”.
I left Puerto Rico in 2009, I was 21 years-old. I was simply bored. All I knew was Puerto Rico, puerto rican food, puerto rican customs, puerto rican music, puerto rican men… well, you get it. I was ignorant of other cultures but I was very aware of that ignorance.
Since I can remember, my dream was always the same: to travel the world [ yes, I know, a lot of people want the same thing!]. In my late teens, that dream of traveling the world— meeting and learning from people from all other cultures— quickly became a need; I couldn’t continue living on an island, I had to leave. I had to explore. I had to learn. I had to try other things. I HAD TO.
Now, I am on the path of making that dream a reality. I’ve lived and traveled almost all over the US— 38 states so far—  and traveled abroad quite a bit. Now, I have left the US and will be traveling abroad most of the time.

Before I went on my next tour I wanted to stop home: Puerto Rico. Of course, now I miss it. Twenty-one years living on an island can get boring for anyone, but, the more I travel the more I realize how lucky I was to have been born and raised on this beautiful island-- amongst so many wonderful people.  


A lot of non-pr friends I have met throughout the years have said to me something to the extend of: “I’ve been to Puerto Rico and frankly I was a bit disappointed”.
My response has always been the same, and the conversation always seems to go something like this:
Me: Well, where did you go?
Answer: To Old San Juan, El Yunque, and some beaches that were very disappointing.
Me: So you went to the most tourist part of the capital, a national park and some beaches in the capital, in the city — the dirtiest area of any country.
Answer: Hmmm, Yes. Ok. If I go there again, where you’d suggest I go?
Me: We should go to dinner… This might take a while.

Moral of the story: Never visit and judge a place based on your “touristy” trip to that place. Make the best out of your trip by preparing ahead, asking locals, and researching.

The island of Puerto Rico is beautiful and it has a lot to offer.
I am spending a week here and I’ll be sharing with you:

  • Where to go [best beaches, parks, caves, rivers, etc.]
  • Where to eat [prepare yourself to move because you might not want to leave]
  • What to do
  • Where to party
  • What to buy [if you want something truly made in Puerto Rico]

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about today:

DAY 1 -- A non-touristy walk around Old San Juan



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