Amy, the Roadtrip & I

March 14, 2013

Just a little back story about how this roadtrip came to be:
I meet my fellow roadtripper Amy at work. I had just moved to Jacksonville, FL from NYC after yet another failed attempt to find a good job (more on that later). We never really talked to each other at all before I became surpervisor (a temp supervisor that is). After a lot of changes in the workplace, temps coming and going, I was promoted and with that position came the duty and opportunity to communicate more and therefore get to know the team better.
We were friendly from the get-go. I looked at Amy like the only person I could really relate to at work; she is young, outgoing, has no kids, loves fashion and has the perfect combination of being funny and professional.
Amy's days as a temp in the office here in Jacksonville were counted. She had to move back to Seattle, WA when her hubby came back from overseas (Navy man). She would drive all the all back to Seattle when the time came. One day, jokingly I said to her I would go with her if I had paid vacations and we would go here and there, do this and that; and that a roadtrip like that had been on my bucket list for a while. I could only dream of making a trip like that under the circumstances I was in, being a temp, with no paid vacations and not knowing when I could be unemployed again. She told me, "hey, it's not everyday an opportunity like this will come your way"... I thought about it for a while, and she was right. What were the chances of me becoming friends with someone that had to drive all the way across the US, that was willing to make it the adventure/vacation of a lifetime and go out of her way more over 2,000 miles to make stops in amazing national parks and cities?
We started planning. I couldn't let this opportunity go by. I bought my plane ticket coming back from Seattle, we got maps, we researched, made reservations, I bought a new camera to document the trip (ebay of course), and even made an excel spreadsheet to keep a record of costs and stay on budget.
After all of the planning, my temporary contract was extended... that was amazing news! This meant I would still have a job and an income for at least a couple of months more. But, now I had to ask my boss if I could take more than 2 weeks off...
Being extremely nervous about it, I did, and he said YES!
Today we are exactly one week away from our departure date and I couldn't be happier.
A couple of days after I decided to go on the trip with Amy, I saw this on Instagram (posted by my good friend Thalia), I saw it as a good sign from the universe:
We can't stop living to make a living. There are only a few things in life you have control of, so I choose to work hard, remain grateful, don't let fear of the unknown take over and stay hopeful. Keep calm and carry on...

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